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Virgoan tendencies and 'How To Feng Shui Your Wallet'

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

So here we are at Full Moon, but more importantly it's a moon that favours the Feng Shui in your life. A full moon in the constellation of Virgo, the sign associated with organisation, clarity of space and mind. It is diligence through doing the small stuff. Brilliant outcomes through resilient efforts... that sort of thing. 'Meticulous' is a word that's associated with Virgo a lot, but not the kind of attention to detail that sends you into a tailspin of panic. Panic is not very Virgoan at all...

So it encourages this 'clean up and clear out' vibe. Create space and sanctuary, not only where you live physically but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Deep peace shows up in your life as a easy-flow to things... 'harmony'.

Even if things go 'wrong', you are more likely to be agile enough in mind, body and spirit to make necessary changes and find solutions easily if you are organised and unhindered. Being able to cope with unforeseen happenings and being able to adjust to situations is a result of becoming deeply calm within, being able to tap into that stillness, a pool of tranquillity that you've set up inside yourself to draw from in times of need. Saying that, it's difficult to find this resource if you've got obstacles all over the place...hence the Virgoan tendancies of Feng Shui theory and practice. (The Konmari philosophy and Virgo would sit down to a genteel sip of tea and be very happy together).

You could start small, perhaps with your wallet, purse, handbag or backpack. So if you feel like it, give it a go :)

If you feel that it might assist you... try it out. A total clear out. Take your wallet, purse, handbag or backpack physically and clean it; even if only with a damp cloth and some warm water, OR you could use MEM's newest Aromablend 'Key Qi' made of Bergamot, Frankincense and Basil.

This is a classic blend I used to make years ago for a Space Clearing Mist (that some clients of mine still order every year to do their 'big Space Clearing' with) because it contains potent clearing and cleansing frequencies that lift and shift energy layers.

Remove old receipts, business cards, store cards, wrappers, the 'just in case' trashed bandaids/tampons/pads, mint packets and superfluous silver change. Just get rid of it to filing, bin or donation boxes. Voila. Done.

Replace the items you need. Your business cards, credit/medical cards, money. Restock your 'just in case' packs in a separate area in a small ziplock pouch or wax wrap.

For a few moments bless your wallet or bag. Simply breath deeply and think of your intentions around money, obtaining the things you need...accessing the things you want. Invite in all prosperous energy and set the intention that any money or cards that come out of your wallet create happiness and joy for you and for others. Because money holds so much energy! and it's not just the physical notes and coins, it's also those cards we use each day, the apps we have to pay and exchange this currency of value.

Hold that thought of deep gratitude for access to this kind of freedom. Truth is that we are luckier now than we have ever been.

Blessings for a Full Moon of clarity and joy :)

Nette xx

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