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A message for the coming year 2022

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

We stand on the top of a brand new year, but I’m not going to shout out about activating something new or being infused with inspiring chutzpah for a bright new start, rather, I’m inviting you to deepen your experience of what has already begun. In recent conversations I've been expressing the idea that getting back to 'normal' just isn't good enough. I'm inviting my Life to be 'exceptional'. What about you? Can this be something you also embrace as a mantra for humanity's future?

For all of us, the past two years have been anything but comfortable. Societal shifts have occurred and a lot of it has been unpleasant. I sit in awe and gratitude of the human race regardless. With all the gooey, festering underbelly of human fears we have maintained beauty. We have developed community and we have embraced the need for real choice, true freedom and compassionate understanding. Let’s just hope our governments and authorities take this all on board too.

The last year or two has been about realising little milestones for the business. 2019 marked 10 years of Magic Earth Mumma, but any celebratory frequency got lost under a mountain of personal life issues surrounding my parents. Such is the way of things. Poppers at the ready for maybe a 15 year celebration in 2024?

In 2020 the Product Development side of the business expanded, opening space to manufacture microbatch formulations for boutique businesses. This has been an enormously rewarding step forward, to work with like-minded business owners who ‘get’ the small batch, synthetic-free message. I’ve doubled the workshop capacity to elicit better manufacturing flow and organisation, and MEM continues to grow and morph as my intentions for the community also evolve. Part of this is the need for consolidation of what I have, what I can do, and what I want to happen. For anyone in business you know that the work behind the scenes is the ‘hard work’. Showing up on social media? Hah! That’s a piece of cake in comparison.

Magic Earth Mumma has and will remain, a haven for pure, integrity-driven, safe and conscious product development, and sustainable manufacture. That means you’ll always have access to real natural, synthetic-free and eco-aware personal care and luxury products. I’m acutely aware it is the one thing that you, my very appreciated clients and customers, come to me for. I am privileged in that regard, to work with these botanical support wizards. These plants and minerals that gift us with so much incredible potential to follow and connect with our innate wisdom, and know real health. Because that’s what true beauty is. A pure state of authentic frequency in harmony with the planet.

You witness yourself when you awaken, and the true test of courage within anyone is the ability to accept what you see and make changes if or where required.

In a world that is continually trying to force you to conform, I encourage you to make whatever steps you can in your personal life to maintain your authenticity. It could be simply by what you choose to buy, what you consume, or in combination with how you react to the world. You witness yourself when you awaken, and the true test of courage within anyone is the ability to accept what you see and make changes if or where required. Also to acknowledge and have appreciation for what you’re doing correctly. Put pride and ego aside, rebirthings aren’t a dip in the ocean in summer…it may just be time to exert effort, bust out of that chrysalis, and spread some beautiful wings. This is how Life unfolds and it’s why you are here in human form.

To experience it.

What’s in store for Magic Earth Mumma? Consolidation, expansion (within reason) and focus. None of it will be possible without you, as none of it happened without you. Your bravery or curiosity is part of any success I perceive, and I will never be able to thank you enough for your support (but thankyou, truly, from the very tipity-top of my heart).

Some of you reading this have been with me since those early days of MEM as a little Etsy shop. Some even further back when I was struggling to formulate things for my own use and toddling about like a two-year-old, bumping into walls and finding doorways (packaging & distribution…mon dieu…). I am looking forward to more exploration of where this can go for me, and you.

How I take this purity of frequency and translate it into business and product that benefits us all, well, that’s part of my experiences to come. I look forward to another 10 years of sharing the journey with you and wish all of you the best possible plans for the future. It’s just there, waiting for you…

Blessings Nette Founder and Owner of Magic Earth Mumma


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