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Aromablends that help you feel gorgeous, contented and awesome. What more can you ask for?

The three new Aromablends from MEM err towards the feminine emotions and encourage softness with strength, understanding with confidence and happiness that comes from within.

Beauty is the same recipe as 'I Am Beauty' rollerball but in a more concentrated version you could use for dilution into a massage blend, bath or body oil. It's sensual Jasmine blossom with an in-house infusion of Vanilla Pod in Palmarosa. I could have placed this one into a more complex recipe and used it for a new Perfume Oil, but I really wanted it to be an affordable luxury, so I calmed down ;), and put it in a simpler recipe with a couple of other oils that bring it to life. As this is a concentrated blend you may wish to dilute it with a carrier oil and use a small rollerball wand to make up perfume oil to a strength you prefer.

La Belle Vie is my ode to southern France and the glorious fields of Lavender between village gardens packed with Rosemary and Geraniums. You can sense the crispness of a herb garden in the morning and the heat of the afternoon on forests diffusing their scent on the breezes that blow in from the sea. How can aromatherapy be both 'cooling' and 'warming' at the same time? :) That's the magic of real unfolds in layers, delivering up messages at different intervals as the molecules activate and release over time. THIS is one for the diffuser/vapouriser and something you can use to make your own bath and body oil with.

Nirvana has the heavenly, juicy sweetness of Pink Grapefruit braided with a ribbon of florals and a hint of precious woods. During times of distress or tension, the relief brought by a pleasant and heart-warming aromatic cannot be underestimated. I have been using this quite a lot lately as my family moves through some challenging situations. It's always resetting me to a default of 'I'm in control of my emotions'...which is the most powerful place to be. (While it has a citrus topnote it is able to be worn outside, however, be aware that even though the distilled grapefruit is not phototoxic like most cold pressed citrus, everyone is different and will have different sensitivities. So if you are wearing Nirvana be aware of limiting sun exposure.)

These new blends are available as one of the new discounted Trio Sets. Pair it with a rollerball wand, bottle with pump lid to make a body oil or massage oil blend, or a bottle with atomiser lid to make a room spray, linen mist, or personal mister. (These are available on the Accessories page).

And yes! you can also buy a few of the other Aromablends in Duo, Trio and Quad Sets that are already discounted. This is a way to get your home Apothecary set up with blends that are useful for all kinds of home remedies and home maintenance.

I'm gradually adding the suggestions on how to use each set but if you need more information on any of the blends please refer to the individual listing for all the ideas on 'how to use'.




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