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Discover real-natural.

  • Discover real-natural.

  • Explore Magic Earth Mumma.

  • Experience better health. Could it be that simple? or would you prefer to keep on suffering through; wasting time, money, effort and emotional energy doing the same thing and getting nowhere...

(ugh! I sound like SUCH a MUM!) 😘 New clients and customers are often writing to me with surprise that the products they've ordered from me 'work'. I find that flattering, but also deeply upsetting to think that they have gone through so much that when they are given something that works, it's a 'surprise'. That's a telling experience of today's personal care industry. We have to start taking back the responsibility for the products we use. We are the last line of defense when it comes to adding any more toxins into our daily life. Because there are many we simply can't avoid, so choosing a real-natural and really non-toxic product over one that has been greenwashed or conveniently tarted up with a heap of consumer-guilt-offset (what's that?⚡companies promoting all the charitable good works so you 'feel good' about buying from them...but they're still selling you toxic ingredients) will make daily steps towards improving your health. As they say, "It's the little things that matter". Little truths expose big lies. 😘

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